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Welcome to a A Tiny Apt., a weekly newsletter about personal style, spaces, and, ultimately, navigating life and home through change and challenges—be they square footage or otherwise. It’s also a place to train an editing eye, to see small + occasionally overlooked things differently, more expansively, with more wonder.

A little about me—My name is Christene Barberich (Hi:), I’m a writer and I also
co-founded Refinery29 back in 2005, spending nearly two decades rethinking women’s storytelling in a digital world. I’m also a lifelong (ie: obsessive) thrifter/collector/room re-arranger😬, so if you’re into that kind of thing, along with vintage quilts, Lucie Rie pottery, Old Céline, vintage Levis, and essays by Joan Didion, you’ve come to the right place💫.

Every week, I’ll be writing to you from my own Tiny Apartment in Brooklyn to talk about a mix of things, from reimagining shelves and cool corners, to an insider’s edit for shopping places like IKEA, to thrifting wonderful/weird gems, to deep-dives into things I can lose my mind over—reading nooks, old houses, and oddball (ie: MARVELOUS) outfits, included😎. If you’re not already a subscriber, here’s a quick rundown of how you can join us…xxCb

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Home + small spaces, style + vintage things, and essays from the founder/former editor of Refinery29...welcome🥤.


I’m a NYTimes best-selling author, Refinery29 co-founder, and brand consultant✨. Lately, I’m exploring my longtime LOVE of small spaces, (deeply) personal style, and all things found + vintage right here at A Tiny Apt...hi🪺❤️.